Discover the Only Central Park in Colombo with Your Loved Ones – Vihara Mahadevi Park Colombo Sri Lanka

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Find serenity in the centre of the hub-bub

Colombo with it’s diverse and ever-growing skyline still manages to hold onto its colonial serenity. One such space is the Vihara Mahadevi Park which still clasps onto yesteryear’s stillness with a plant life and features that are remnants from the 1960’s.

Image by Kondephy, Viharamahadevi Park incl. Town Hall, CC BY-SA 4.0


The park which was previously fenced off now sees no such restrictions for the public to enter the premises. The Vihara Mahadevi park also holds a space for an amphitheatre which sometimes hosts local concerts, open mic sessions and even theatrical productions such as the infamous Shakespeare in the park.

For the entire family

From the rock-museum aquarium and a children’s play area to the pony rides to a wobbly suspension bridge which used by both kids and adults just for the kicks, the park is meant for everybody. Take a mat and a book or pack a picnic and laze under the cool shade of some of the oldest trees found in the city.


There are snack vendors placed outside the park selling snacks such as corn on the cob, ice cream and even the all-time favourite, candy floss!


The park is located in the midst of Colombo’s diplomatic enclave. This centralized location makes the park accessible to all major landmarks and even to those residing in luxury apartments in Colombo such as On320 Residencies, one of the four developments by Cinnamon Life Colombo which is within a 1.5 km radius from the park.


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