Explore the Wilderness at Udawalawe National Park – Get one with nature!

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Udawalawe National Park is one of the most scenic and diverse nature parks in Sri Lanka, Read on to know more about this wondrous landmass and about its wildlife.

Udawalawe National Park| Img by: Ji-Elle via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 3.0


Located between the boundaries of Sabaragamuwa and Uva provinces, The Park was created to provide a sanctuary for animals that got displaced due to the construction of the Udawalawe reservoir. The reserve spans over 30,821 hectares of land.

Physical features and ecology

The reserve lies right on the boundary between the country’s dry and wet zones. The vast expanse of land is composed of plains, small hills and mountains and water bodies. The reserve receives an annual rainfall up to 1500 millimetres. The landscapes also contain marshes, lush forests and grasslands supporting a variety of wildlife.

Flora and fauna

Udawalawe National Park is home to a number of animal and plants species and many of them are native to the country. Upon visiting here you’ll be able to witness a variety of mammals such as elephants, deer, water buffaloes, leopards and other species of wild cats and many more. The reserve also serves as a resting spot for migratory birds.

Accommodation options and getting there

There is a myriad of accommodation options near the reserve, located close to the down south you can choose from the best boutique hotels in Matara and other cities of down south. Located approximately a 2-hour drive afar from Udawalawe National Park, Soul Resorts is an option worth considering and transportation facilities can also be arranged to the nature reserves easily.



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