Four main destinations among the North Male Atoll islands – Exploring the islands

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North Male Atoll is the main Maldivian atoll with fifty islands and several other small islets- some being totally reserved for resorts and villas. The airport itself is an island which is uninhabited and here is a guide for you about 04 such important islands among the North Male Atoll islands.

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Thulusdhoo island

Thulusdhoo is an inhabited island which is the administrative capital of the North Male Atoll. The special facts about this island include the Coca Cola factory in it, the Boduberu dancing style with drums and the boatyard at which new dhonis are constructed.

Baros island

This is a semi-circular island, initially an inhabited island but now reserved as a tourist resort. You find Baros Maldives on this island to which you can reach after a short speedboat ride from the Maldives’ international airport.

Eriyadhoo island

Eriyadhoo is 38km from the airport and it is also home to some popular Maldives resortswith luxury and quality services. The island has an excellent beach ideal for snorkelling activities loved by both locals and foreign tourists.

Gaafaru island

Gaafaru has one of the most extensive reefs in the whole of Maldives. This island is inhabited and friendly, welcoming guests with boduberu performances is a common sight to anyone who makes a visit to this island.

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