Galle Face Green – The Big City’s Main Park

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Colombo, the most popular and urban city in Sri Lanka, is a city which you can do almost anything in. Considered to be the commercial capital of Sri Lanka and the heart of the nation’s business and entertainment sectors, Colombo is a tourist-friendly destination. With numerous luxury hotels, apartments, a host of amazing attractions, a decent nightlife, and many options for leisure and recreation, you can be assured that a stay in Colombo will be eventful.

When you are in Colombo, there’s no way that Galle Face Green will go unnoticed. This is the best place to witness the sunset in the city. This ocean side park is an ideal venue to go for a chilling-by-the-beach evening experience with friends and family. Sprawled on the sides of the park are vendors selling kites, toys, balloons and the absolutely delicious and mouth watering Isso Wadé or Prawn Vada that some might say is the signature snack of Galle Face Green.

The green is a much-loved icon that welcomes throngs of visitors every evening. Galle Face Green was in colonial times a horse racing venue as well as golf course. Today the locals gather there for enjoying the marvellous sea breezes, eating delicious fast food cooked at the open air kiosks and for spending a relaxing evening.

There are many Sri Lanka luxury apartments such as the Capitol TwinPeaks in the vicinity of Galle Face offering you an excellent base from which to set off on an evening romp to the green. The Galle Face Green is full of street side food joints and is a great place to experience Sri Lankan street food. Families gather here to spend time leisurely, flying kites, playing games and enjoying the mouthwatering street food sold by vendors and small restaurants. It is one of the best places to witness the cultural life of Colombo.

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