Golfing in Sri Lanka – The art of the game of gentlemen

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Despite having yet to occupy a rightful place in the world of golf, Sri Lanka is home to some of the finest golf courses in Asia. When visiting the island, try your hand at golf! Here’s some information on the popular clubs in Sri Lanka.

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Nuwara Eliya Golf Club

To experience golf in Sri Lanka in the most scenic manner possible, you need to visit Nuwara Eliya. Set in a beautiful town that is hugely popular, this 18-hole golf course spans across 100 acres of land. Found at an altitude of 6000 feet, the ball travels faster. The golf club offers accommodation as well as several dining options along with bars and lounges open for visitors.

Victoria Golf and Country Resort

When planning your travel itinerary with Nkar Travel House, make sure this golfing spot is on the list! A 517-acre property set amidst the beautiful hills of the Knuckles mountain range in Kandy, close to the shores of the Victoria Reservoir. As one of the most popular golf courses in the world, this golf course is spread over slopes and peaks with an immaculately maintained golf course.

Royal Colombo Golf Club

One of the oldest golf clubs in the world, the Royal Colombo Golf Course was established in 1879, just as gold itself was introduced to the country. It gained its ‘Royal’ status in 1928. A former model farm located in Colombo, the golf course spans 96-acres.

Eagles Golf links

Located on the east coast, this 171-acre golf course provides players quite a tough game. The golf course boasts gorgeous views of water vistas of the Marble beach and well-kept gardens.


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