Green Island – Home of Historic Light Houses

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File:Little Green Island in Hong Kong.jpgJashhk, Little Green Island in Hong Kong, CC BY-SA 3.0

Hong Kong is located on the delta of the Pearl River in southeastern China and consists of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, the New Territories, and the Outlying Islands. Hong Kong is a global business, commercial and tourist hub and stakes a proud claim to being ‘Asia’s World City’. The Wanchai area on the Northern shore of Hong Kong became famous with the film’ The World of Suzie Wong and offers many attractions and great shopping opportunities. If it is Wanchai hotel comfort and convenience you are seeking, then the centrally located Dorsett Wanchai Hong Kong would be a good choice.

Green Island lies off the west coast of Hongkong and is home to 02 pre-World War Light Houses, the European Quarters of the Light House Compound and the Keeper’s Bungalow. The Light House Compound was declared a monument in 2008 and the two Light Houses and the European Compound are categorized as Grade II Historic Buildings. The first Light House became operational in July 1875. Constructed with granite it is 39 feet tall (12m). It has 02 openings in the wall shaped like crosses to provide light and air to the interior. These cross shaped openings are similar to gun posts in European Castles in the medieval era. The second Light House was finished in 1905. This granite and concrete edifice is 57 feet (17.5 m) tall and on top is a lantern encased in a steel cage. The lantern room is reached via a spiral, concrete stairway. It is painted white for better visibility and insulation.

On Green Island’s east coast is the Green Island Reception Center and the Green Island Police Station. Currently, The European Quarters, The Keeper’s Bungalow and the surrounding area is in use as a Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center.

The flora of Green Island comprises thick woodland and high scrub. Plant species numbering 150 are found here .Along with a number of butterfly varieties the white bellied sea eagle and the reef egret (locally rare) have been spotted here.

To the east of Green Island is uninhabited Little Green Island.

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