Here’s Why You Should Visit Bangkok: The Top 4 Reasons to Book your Flight Now!

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Bangkok is a fascinating city full of startling contrasts, shimmering golden temples, towering skyscrapers, and wonderful people. Here, are the top 4 reasons to visit Thailand’s capital.



The Cuisine

Thai cuisine is considered to be the highlight of the country, and Bangkok does not disappoint. From famous street food destinations such as Sukhumvit Soi 38 to fine dining establishments which serve some seriously amazing fusion dishes, the choices are endless.

Rooftop Bars

The city is choke full of chic rooftop bars which have been popping up like mushrooms. Whether you want to enjoy a romantic drink with your significant other or hope to have a rambunctious time with your friends, there is something for everyone!

Low Travel Costs

Another major reason why Bangkok is a popular destination is because of the low travel costs. One can easily book cheap flight tickets on sites such as, enjoy a delicious meal at $1-2 and find accommodation at just $ 10 a night.


Yet another cause for the tourists to stream into the city of angels is because of the amazing shopping experience on offer. Whether you are a fashionista after the latest couture pieces from luxury brands such as Chanel or you just love to traverse the night markets looking for a great bargain, shopaholics are guaranteed to be satisfied.

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