Hong Kong for the first timers – Places to visit and experience

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Hong Kong is one of those places where places to visit constantly keep popping up! Hence, first timers in Hong Kong might feel a little confused about which places for their first trip here. This article can help you with that. Here are the typical touristy places that are perfect for those travelling here for the first time.

Vitoria peak| Img by: Robert Lowe via FlickrCC BY 2.0

The Peak

Also called Vitoria peak, is the best place for one of those splendid views of the skyline in Hong Kong. The best time to visit is during a clear day just before the sunset. There are a few viewpoints: to visit Sky Terrace in Peak Tower you will have to purchase a ticket, Lion’s Pavilion and Peak Galleria are free.

Visit Stanley

This was originally a fishing village where the British had their last stand before surrendering to the Japanese. Just make sure not to purchase anything as items here may be priced higher than they should be. The old Murray House too, from the Victorian era, has been restored. One might find the slow side of Hong Long right here.

How about a sunset cruise?

Your experience in Hong Kong is not complete without a sunset cruise on Aqua Lunar or Dukling. Both these boats are two of the oldest Chinese junk boats that are still up and running. There are evening cruises and the best part? Your ticket allows you one alcoholic beverage. Visit Tsim Sha Sui while on the cruise. The promenade is a short walk away from Park Hotel Hong Kong.

Time for some eats

Of course, when visiting Hong Kong, how could one possibly miss the opportunity to try out the local cuisine? Be it at 4-star hotels in Hong Kong or an eatery by the roadside, dim sum is a must when it comes to foods to try out.



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