Hua Hin Itinerary – Brimming with Excitement!

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What was once a tiny and idyllic fishing village, Hua Hin is today, a popular holiday destination. Want to know more about what you can check out and do when you’re here?

Inu Café

Of all the things to do in Hua Hin, this is both fun and relaxing all at once. Inu Café is a family run café that is home to cute and playful Shiba Inus. You can play with these pups or pet them to your heart’s content as long as you order something on the menu.

Plearnwan Market

Take a trip back in time by checking out the Plearnwan Market. This is a retro market that is incredibly colourful and features tropical themed clothing, board games and great snacks. Best visited in the evening when the weather is a bit cooler, you could also try out their wonderful desserts and treats.


Most popularly known as the first ever beachfront shopping mall in Thailand, the atmosphere here is simply amazing. The mall houses a variety of house cafes, bars, cool shops and live jazz funk performances. When you’re visiting Hua Hin, you can choose to stay in any of its many wonderful resorts and hotels, such as the Avani+ Hua Hin Resort for instance.

Cicada Night Market

A place you will hardly ever forget, the Cicada Night Market features an array of interesting handicrafts like wooden sunglasses, porcelain dishes, glass blown figurines and so on. It also includes an open-air amphitheatre that hosts live drama performances.

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