“Independence Square an idyllic place to unwind and relax! – A place to de-stress!

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Serving as both a park and a monument, the independence square is certainly one of the best places in Colombo to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and spend your leisure without any disturbances or hindrances.

image by Charaka Ranasinghe, Independence Commemoration Hall, CC BY 2.0


The monument was built in the year of 1948 to celebrate the newly gained independence from the British, and it serves as a symbol of democracy and peace. The square includes a hall, a shopping precinct and a museum and the buildings are surrounded by a park.

Things to do

There of plenty of things to do in the park, you can do cycling, do jogging on the evening hours, go shopping at the Arcade or you could just sit and relax amidst the tranquil setting which the Square offers.

Getting there accommodation options.

You can reach here by a taxi or through by public transport from almost any part of the city of Colombo. The independence square is also located amidst many upscale apartments in Colombo the likes of Cinnamon Life and many others you could also visit them one your way to the square or even plan your accommodation at one of them after a stroll in the park.

Other attractions

There are also a number of places you could visit after exploring the square, the galle face beach, excel world, majestic city are some of the many places located near the independence square where you could find a variety of entertainment.



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