Kitesurfing in Thailand – When Watersports go Airborne!


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Thailand, in addition to being renowned for her lush tropical splendour, has garnered a significant reputation for being a bit of a sports hub, especially where watersports are concerned.

What Exactly is Kitesurfing?

This is basically the amalgamation of surfing and paragliding, where the surfer uses a large manoeuvrable kite to propel themselves across the water. Due to the exhilarating nature of the sport, kitesurfing has become quite popular.

Kitesurfing in Hua Hin

The six-kilometre beach of Hua Hin, and waters that are favourable pretty much all year round make it one of the best places to indulge in kitesurfing, or watersports in general. Almost any hotel in Hua Hin, such as the likes of AVANI Hua Hin Resort & Villas, would offer several water-sporting activities.

It’s Surprisingly Easy

Most people who try their hand at kitesurfing discover that it’s much easier than they originally anticipated, mostly because the presence of the kite helps the rider balance quite easily, once they get the hang of the correct techniques.

The Kitesurfing School

Hua Hin’s kitesurfing school is also situated just along the beach and is widely recognised as one of the best places to discover the sport. The school is popular with seasoned kitesurfing veterans as well since they feature a range of recognised brands.

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