Most Common Dangerous Fish in the Maldives – For a Safe Underwater Adventure

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The Maldives has long since been famed for its fantastic marine life. Read on to find about the most common dangerous fish you might come across during your underwater diving expeditions.

Lion Fish

Lion fish will be among the most beautiful fish you shall come across in the Maldives. They also happen to be among the most poisonous ones as well. Usually found in both lagoons and reefs, the larger ones like to protect their territory. So, it’s best to maintain at least 8 feet of distance from them.

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Stingrays are a common sighting in and around many Maldives 5-star hotel including the likes of Adaaran Prestige Vadoo. While it’s an amazing sea creature to go snorkelling with, its also in your best interest to maintain a healthy distance of at least 10 feet as its sting can be fatal if provoked.

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Moray Eels

These creatures are found living inside corals with their heads poked out looking for their next meal. With razor-sharp teeth, they only attack if they perceive you as a threat. While for the most part, they are used to human interactions, do maintain at least 5 feet from them.

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While colourful coral reefs and gardens are almost synonymous with the country, remember not to touch them as they can be very sharp leading to infected cuts. Meddling with them also slows down their growth. If you do happen to sustain a cut apply an antiseptic disinfectant or some vinegar immediately.

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