Richmond Castle Kalutara – A spectacular architectural work


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Want travel back in time to trace the rich history and eye-catching architectural work of Sri Lanka? Visit the Richmond Castle to know a tale of grandeur and romance.

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Richmond Castle in Kalutara was built in 1896 and to-date is considered one of the best examples of 19th-century architecture in Sri Lanka. It was built under the directive of the Mudaliyar in Kalutara during the early 1900s, Nanayakkara Rajawasala Appuhamilage Don Arthur De Silva Wijeysinghe Siriwardene. Today it has become a popular hotspot among tourists and serves as an educational centre for underprivileged children in the city.


This castle is one of the most popular attractions in Sri Lanka and is a must-see during your holiday. Out of many Kalutara hotels in Sri Lanka, hotels such as Mermaid Hotel & Club, offer you luxury, comfort and world-class service, while placing you within close proximity to attractions such as the Richmond Castle.


The castle consists of two floors and fifteen rooms, all with excellent airflow. It also showcases 99 door frames, 38 windows and one large roof that cover the entire building. All essential supplies needed for the construction of this splendid castle were imported from overseas, including, roofing times, timber, stained glass, bathroom fittings, and other ornaments.

An architectural wonder

In terms of the building and architecture, there is an interesting hybrid of British- Indian influence in it. There are fifteen spacious rooms and you can see that they are designed to give natural air conditioning through various designs and constructional techniques.

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