Sharing Experiences with the Southern Dreams Diving Club – Witness the Marine Magnificence of Candidasa

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It’s no mystery that Bali is a destination with some of the most beautiful landscapes the world has to offer. If you’re looking for places to enjoy a good dive, there are only a few places better.

The Southern Dreams Diving Club

This is a certified and reputed diving school that is situated in a secluded beach in Buitan, which is located towards the south of Candidasa. This strategically selected location is believed to be one of the best diving sites in all of Bali.


This is actually a humble fishing village situated well away from the crowds and chaos of the usual touristic places. Many would tell you it’s one of the best places to experience the ‘real Bali’. This is interesting since down-town Candidasa is generally known for being a very touristy place with many a boutique hotel in Bali situated in this region.

Diving Tours

The club’s diving tours are renowned throughout the nation and are conducted daily from their dive shop. Pickups can be arranged from pretty much anywhere in Candidasa and Manggis, so if you’re staying at a resort such as Alila Manggis, you might wish to embark on a dive.

Image Credit: Alila Manggis

Capture the Experience

The Southern Dreams Diving Club specialises in underwater photography and videography, which means your marine adventure, will be chronicled properly.

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