Souq Waqif shopping tours – An Experience in Grandeur


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Remember those mystical, magical Middle Eastern markets you read about in books like Aladdin? Well, you might not find a magic carpet here, but Souq Waqif totally fits the description.


Standing market

Souq Waqif, also known as the ‘standing market’ is famous for selling traditional clothing, spices, handicrafts and souvenirs. Not only is it famous for the shopping scene it is also home to dozens of cafes, restaurants and shisha lounges. There are many Doha resorts providing splendid lodgings such as Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels, which gives easy access to this market.

Explore the Falcon Souq

Considered to be one of the fascinating locations in Doha the Falcon Souq is located just before the equestrian centre. At this market, you can buy or simply observe every bit of accessory used in the sport of falconry. Hoods, training apparatus and the birds themselves are on display here. Visitors are allowed to walk past the showrooms where the falcons perch; you will notice that most are hooded.

Coffee Stops & Restaurants

Perhaps best known for the eclectic mix of coffee houses and restaurants lining the streets, this mammoth thoroughfare on Grand Hamad Street also offers a variety of consumer goods both traditional and modern to suit the tastes of tourists and locals alike.

Beauty products

Beauty conscious travellers should not forget to pick up a packet of authentic henna, a natural and herbal hair dye famed around the world.

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