Symphony of Lights Hong Kong Harbour Night Cruise – An Experience to Cherish for a Lifetime

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The sprawling metropolis of Hong Kong is a modern day marvel, and is truly breathtaking at the arrival of dusk, and there is one way to experience the beauty of the city like never before.

File:Night View Kowloon on Dinner Cruise Ship Victoria Harbour Hong KOng - panoramio (2).jpg
Hiroki Ogawa, Night View Kowloon on Dinner Cruise Ship Victoria Harbour Hong KOng – panoramio (2)CC BY 3.0

The Concept
The experience involves riding an authentic and traditional ‘junk boat’, a cultural symbol of the Far East, through Hong Kong’s iconic Victoria Harbour, taking numerous breathtaking sights the harbour area has to offer, including many hotels in Kowloon Hong Kong such as the Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong.

The Choices of Tour
There are two particular versions of the tour for you to choose from, a twenty-minute ride allowing you to experience laser-lights off rooftops and the fishing history of Hong Kong, and a more comprehensive 1 ½ hour experience where you get to see the best the city has to offer.

In addition to the cruise on a Junk Boat, guests will have access to unlimited drinks from an open bar as well as receiving a history lesson about Hong Kong.

The Location
There are two departure-points guests can utilise, with one being in Kowloon (public pier no.3) and another on Hong Kong Island’s Pier 9. The departure time for the prior is at 7:45 while the latter is 7:30.

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