Thai Cooking – The essentials

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Thai cuisine is commonly known for its perfect blend of flavours. If you’re a beginner at Thai cooking, here are the main ingredients for whipping up authentic Thai meals.

By Jon Sullivan [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By Jon Sullivan [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


You’ll find this useful ingredient in several dishes such as vegetable salsas and salads like Thai yam where they’re grilled, chopped or sliced finely for a nice bit of crunch. Its trusty companion is almost always a pod of garlic which is chopped up well and thrown into a sizzling pan of oil for a burst of flavour.


Thai food needs a really spicy flavour and some intense heat. It usually gets that from cayenne chilli which is either of the fresh or dried variety. Curries use the cayenne chilli while the sauces and stir-fries use flaming Thai chilli.


Ever wanted to know how to make that sticky rice eaten like a piece of bread? Phuket luxury villas in Thailand the likes of Kata Rocks serve this dish in its truest form. The main ingredient is Jasmine rice grown in Central Thailand.

Coconut milk

The milking of the coconut is a tiresome process but the product is sweet. Fresh coconut milk is such an integral part of any Thai curry. You can use it straight from the can which is evidently more convenient for you in the kitchen. The milk adds amazing flavour to the dish and keeps your curry light and creamy.

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