The amazing city of Galle – A wonderous southern coastal city

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Your tour in Sri Lanka is incomplete until you visit the remarkable city of Galle. It’s an amazing city with a splendid fusion of history, culture and numerous attractions. Do read on to know more facts.

Galle Fort| Img by: calflier001 via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 2.0


In absolute words, Galle is a jewel in Sri Lanka. Known the world over as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the historical city of Galle is a delight to explore on foot. The city comprises an exotic old trading port with imposing Dutch colonial buildings, grand mansions, and museums as well as ancient mosques and churches. When walking along its rambling lanes, you’ll pass some of its quirky boutiques and stylish cafes. Galle’s core is its Fort, a remnant that reminds us of the colonial legacy prevailed in the country many centuries back.


The history of this fascinating city is undoubtedly an interesting tale. Knowing the historical roots of Galle can add more to your travel experience. It was a significant trading port between east and west since it was a protected harbour in the country. Traders from all around the world including Arabs, Greeks, Romans, and Chinese were doing their business via Galle Port.

Galle Fort

Built-in 1588 by the Portuguese, further fortified by the Dutch from 1649 onwards, the Galle Fort lives on as the largest standing fortress in Asia built by European colonizers. It’s worth even a day trip from Colombo to visit the Fort with its bastions, ramparts, old churches, lighthouse, and quaint cobbled streets. If you’re staying at a Galle hotel the likes of Le Grand Galle by Asia Leisure, the fort is 6 minutes away.


Galle has a typical tropical rainforest climate. From December to February the city is mostly hot and dry and if you’re visiting from May to September don’t forget to bring an umbrella or a raincoat.


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