The Amazing Sri Lanka – A land of wonders!

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Regarded as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, island of Sri Lanka is certainly a wonderful nation that never fails to surprise its visitors with its beauty and diversity read on to know more about this amazing land mass and what makes it so amazing

Environmental diversity

The country has a mix of stunning landscapes including regions with beautiful beaches and dry lowlands and regions with mountains and high altitude plains. This makes the country the ideal destination to spend your vacation with a diverse range of landscapes that can be easily reached.


The island located in close to the equator features a tropical climate in the coastal regions and a cold and humid weather conditions in the hills, travellers can choose between various weather conditions based on their preferences and the destinations they wish to visit.

The people

The population of Sri Lanka is composed of a mix of people from different ethnic and cultural background. They live in absolute harmony interacting and spending some time with them will certainly be a wonderful experience and you don’t have to worry about the language since most of them speak English.

Country’s heritage sites

Sri Lanka has a vibrant history and you can see them through many of the country’s historical sites. There are 7 world heritage sites and a plethora of ancient sites that today has the remaining of bygone kingdoms and civilizations. You can visit these sites by booking a tour from a renowned Sri Lanka tours and travel operator the likes of Connaissance de Ceylan.

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