The Most Famous Patch of Green in Colombo – Hanging out at Galle Face Green

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What better place to unwind in a city by the sea, than beside the waves; at the popular Galle Face Green in Colombo you can do just that and enjoy some fun times with loved ones too.

Galle Face
Galle Face | Image Credit : Mayakaru at English Wikipedia, Colombo – Galle Face, CC BY 3.0

Getting There

Galle Face can be found along the city’s main Galle Road near the area known as Kollupitiya. Colombo hotels abound in this area along with plenty of dining and shopping options. While you can take a tuk-tuk or bus here, some hotels like The Kingsbury Colombo are just walking distance away.

What to Expect

A wide open space by the ocean is what you will find at Galle Face Green which is very popular in the evening and at night. Families, couples, groups of friends and solo travellers all congregate here engaged in various activities; families have picnics, lovers walk hand in hand, children happily run around, people fly kites and vendors sell all manner of toys.

Head to the Beach

The beach just beside Galle Face is relatively small, though you can still walk in the sand and get your feet wet in the waves. There’s also a pier above the water and it’s a great spot for pictures of the setting sun or those quintessential selfies!

Foodie Fun

Galle Face also happens to be a hotspot to sample Sri Lankan street food. There are plenty of stalls along the beachside promenade that sell “isso wade”, a snack topped with fried prawns. To try some “kottu roti” head over to Nana’s, while Breeze Barracuda provides some eclectic dining options.

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