Utheemu Ganduvaru – The Home of a Hero


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The Maldives Islands have a history that goes back hundreds of years, but one story that will be cherished and remembered for centuries more would be the tale of Mohammed Thakurufaanu.

Image Credit- Andreas FaesslerUtheemu05CC BY-SA 4.0

Mohammed Thakurufaanu

The story of the man who this iconic refuge is associated with begins on this very same island, Utheemu, on the Haa Aliff Atoll. After eight years of battle, he and his brothers drove off Portuguese invaders who forcefully and violently colonised the Maldives.

Utheemu Gandavaru

The island is believed to have been the childhood home of the legendary figure, and upon becoming Sultan, the palace was built and eventually became his seat of power. The construction of the palace took place somewhere from 1512 to 1528.

Wooden Beauty

The architecture of the humble palace is captivating and all of those who visit are immediately enchanted by the intricate wood-based designs, swing beds, vintage lamps and swing beds. Due to the famous nature of the locale, many providers of Maldives accommodation along the likes of The Residence Maldives by Cenizaro would either provide transportation to the island or at least help you procure it.

The Mythical Vessel

Mohammed Thakurufaanu defeated the Portuguese through a legendary boat that was built by his team of devoted freedom fighters which was used to conduct pre-emptive strikes on enemy strongholds. A model of this ship can be found in the palace.

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