Visit Star Ferry Hong Kong – A cruise to remember

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A visit to Hong Kong is not complete without a cruise on the picturesque Victoria Harbour. Crossing the Victoria Harbour on a Star Ferry was highlighted as one of “fifty places of a lifetime”. Let’s note down the significant attractions on the way.

Star Ferry Hong Kong | Image Credit: <a href="">Mk2010</a>, <a href="'s_Harbour_Tour,_Shining_Star_(Hong_Kong).jpg">Star Ferry's Harbour Tour, Shining Star (Hong Kong)</a>, <a href="" rel="license">CC BY-SA 3.0</a>
Star Ferry Hong Kong | Image Credit: Mk2010, Star Ferry’s Harbour Tour, Shining Star (Hong Kong), CC BY-SA 3.0

Introducing the ferries

Star Ferry provides rides on three main ferries which are of course given three very catchy names; Morning Star, Celestial Star and Twinkling Star. A ride on the Twinkling Star will certainly give you a unique experience as it is a double-decker. What’s more, all the ferries are reconstructed to give passengers a typical 1920s feel to their 10-minute journey.

Amazing views

Crossing between Kowloon to Central over the bluish waters of Victoria Harbour, the view is simply stunning! The coast of Hong Kong island is lined with skyscrapers in different shapes and sizes, the best time to take the ride would be after dark when the city comes alight looking its best.

Founders facts

Being a Parsee from Bombay, Dorabjee Nowrojee was the founder of Star Ferry. He was a believer of Zoroastrianism and therefore constituted the 5-pointed star on the Star Ferry logo. This is an ancient symbol of Zoroastrians.

Places to check out

Star Ferry offers a 60-minute tour to all the places that cannot be missed on the way! Namely, Tsim Sha Tsui, the wonderful promenade with quite a few places of interest of its own, Central and Wan Chai, with streets clustered with tall buildings and pretty lights and holds 5 star hotels in Hong Kong. If you happen to be staying in a hotel in the vicinity such as The Murray Hong Kong, for instance, you cannot miss the chance for a cruise across Vitoria Harbour.

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