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Colombo has a rich history which is very much alive and evident in most parts of the city even today.


The Dutch Hospital located in the heart of the city and around a number of hotels in Colombo, such as the Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo, is a place shrouded in history and mixed with a good dose of modernity and great vibes.

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KanatonianDutch HospitalCC BY-SA 3.0


The Dutch Hospital was said to have been built following the capture of the city by the Dutch. Although the exact date of its construction is unknown, a German by the name of Christopher Schweitzer stated that by 1681 the hospital was already in place. This old building structure has stood the test of time dating back to more than 3 centuries, having survived everything from world wars to civil wars.


The building structure has 5 wings and 2 courtyards which have been designed to reduce the heat and humidity. As per Dutch colonial architectures, the walls are approximately 50 cm thick and features large teak beams.

At present

The Dutch Hospital was freshly altered into a shopping arcade where visitors can shop or take pleasure in a meal or a refreshing drink at the many restaurants to be found here. Prominent local establishments consist of ODEL and Barefoot; for dine and drinks, places like Ministry of Crab and Taphouse by RNR are quite popular amongst those who visit the Old Dutch Hospital.

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