Wadduwa Beach – Attention all beach bums!

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Soothing sea breeze, a golden sand beach and palm-fringed surrounds with the clear blue sky! This is what waits at the Wadduwa Beach. Read on to know more about this amazing beach strip.

Jet Ski
Jet Ski | Image Credit : Böhringer Friedrich, Jet Ski01, CC BY-SA 2.5


Located at the western region of the island of Sri Lanka, Wadduwa is an offbeat beach destination that is often overlooked by many. It is known for its amazing beach and tranquil environments which it offers for its guests. The beach is located 33kilometers to the south of Colombo and is certainly a beach worth a visit.

Things to do

As already mentioned, the beach offers a peaceful environment; visitors to lie down to soak up the warmth of the tropical sun and relax. Also, as more and more tourists starting to visit the beach water sports activities such as jet skiing, windsurfing and kayaking are also getting popular here.

Attractions nearby

The Wadduwa Beach is also surrounded by places like the Richmond castle, The Bolgoda Lake and even the town located next to the beach is a site worth exploring.

Accommodation options and getting there

You can reach the town by taxi, by train or by bus from the city of Colombo and there are a plenty of beach resorts in Wadduwa to plan your stay. Located right next to the beach The Blue Water Club Suites is an option worth considering for your stay and enjoy a memorable beach vacation.

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