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Singapore’s history dates to 1887. The dynamic changes Singapore has undergone throughout the centuries is rather inspiring.

Merlion444 [Public domain] Via Wikimedia Commons
Merlion444 [Public domain] Via Wikimedia Commons

The Formation

Singapore used to be a major trading area because of its convenient location. Singapore got its name from a Sumatran prince by the name of ‘Sang Nila Utama’, who was seeking shelter from a storm and came across this Island which he named ‘Singapura’ – Sanskrit for Lion City. Ever since, Singapore has been the Lion City, despite no wild lions ever roaming this land.

The Founder

The founder of Singapore, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, visited Singapore only for a brief period of four years. However, the impact he made on the country was a rather profound one. Raffles’ main aim was to establish a strong trading post and succeeded; making Singapore a British trading post. He opened Singapore to immigrants, labourers and businesswomen, laying the groundwork for Singapore that’s in place even to this day.

Colonial Singapore

Raffles created Colonial Singapore in a very short time, placing another colonel under his command while he was away from the country. He oversaw the intricate details of Singapore’s reconstruction. It’s a common fact that he’s the reason Singapore has come this far, making it a business hub and home to some of Asia Pacific’s best hospitality groups.

National Museum

For a glimpse into the history of Singapore, the National Museum of Singapore is the place to visit. Not only is it Singapore’s oldest museum, but it’s also a fun learning experience! Located within convenient distance to most hotels, such as the Park Hotel Group, this museum is a must visit.

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