A Night in Sukhumvit – Nights thumping with fresh beats

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From chic bars to swanky nightclubs, there is always something interesting to do in the beautiful city of Sukhumvit when the sun goes down. These amazing spots will keep you entertained throughout the night.



It’s always good to fill your belly before a night out full of fun and revelry, especially if you’re planning on going heavy on the booze. If you are thinking of hitting nightlife spots in Sukhumvit, Octave rooftop bar would be an excellent choice. It’s not only about having a romantic meal and watching a glorious sunset view. No rooftop bar in the city has a better 360-degree view like this.

Levels Club & Lounge

Providing a splendid musical space for all music lovers, the Levels Club & Lounge tries to provide little something for everyone. It comprises three distinct party zones in one connected space and offers a fantastic and rocking nightlife scene on Sukhumvit Soi 11. After enjoying a wonderful evening, you can opt to stay at a 5-star hotel such as Emporium Suites by Chatrium to experience a comfy stay and a unique dining experience among restaurants in Sukhumvit.

Beam Nightclub

The Beam Nightclub is popular among the ones who live in Sukhumvit for bringing in techno music and underground house to Bangkok’s bass heads. This music policy refers to the ‘cooler’ elements of the dance music scene.

Above Eleven

What would be more romantic than enjoying dinner with your significant other on a chilled-out Central Park inspired rooftop bar like Above Eleven? You should not miss savouring a special sunset cocktail and a Peruvian-Japanese fusion dish here.

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