All about Melbourne – A cosmopolitan destination

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The city is so culturally diversified making it the best place to live and a popular tourist destination. Gardens, wildlife, museums, galleries, you name it, there’s everything.

Street art

Alleyways in Melbourne are stencilled and sprayed with street art. While on tour, take some time off to explore the stunning artworks by the streets.

TigTab from Melbourne, Australia, Shepard Fairey Hosier MelbourneCC BY-SA 2.0


To enjoy the fascinating wildlife, visit Philip’s Island – the penguin parade that takes place at night is a must-see. Also, you can visit the Koala Conservation Centre to cuddle and feed koalas.

File:Penguin Parade.jpg
WildvikPenguin ParadeCC BY-SA 4.0

Live music

The locals seem to have an overzealous enthusiasm for music. If you pop in at the Corner Hotel, you will enjoy the freshest of live music.

Places where you can stay

Due to being a popular tourist hotspot, Melbourne has a vast selection of lodging facilities for you to choose from. At a serviced apartment in Melbourne – the same category as Oaks on William – you can get the best service imaginable.

Image result for Oaks on William
Image Credit: Oaks on William


If you want to do some high-end shopping, drop in at Melbourne Central Shopping Centre. In addition to shopping, there are restaurants and cafes where you can grab a bite.

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