Bailudong (White Deer Grotto) Academy – A Once Great Educational Institution!

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Pay a visit to the Bailudong also known as the White Deer Grotto, which was once one of the greatest educational institutions, built during the Tang Industry!

GislingLushan White Lotus Grotto AcademyCC BY 3.0


The White Deer Cavern Academy was once a great educational institution that was built during premodern China. It was founded during the Tang Period by two brothers, Li She and Li Bo, two hermits who created a private library in the mountains.


In the latter part of the era of the Yan Dynasty, the White Deer Grotto Academy incurred damage during the war and collapsed. Later during the Ming Dynasty, the academy was rebuilt several times. Then finally in the 19th century, with an education reform appearing, the White Deer Grotto Academy became a college.


The site is located at the base of the Southern foot of the Houping Mountain, just 10 kilometers south of Wulao Peak of the Lushan Mountain in the Jiangxi province. Transport can be arranged from many a resort in Jiangxi including the likes of Lushan Resort as well.

Modern Day

In the year 1959, the site was listed out to be on the protection unit of historic and cultural relics in the Jiangxi Province. Later in 1990, an administration committee of the academy was established. Today it was the center for historical and cultural relics management, academic research, teaching, a touring reception, and a gardening establishment.

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