Beaches in Ahungalla – Sunshine and sand

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Sri Lanka is known for its amazing beaches and weekend getaways, and Ahungalla is a newfound spot that is gaining popularity recently.

Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery
Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery | Image Credit : Jerzy Strzelecki, Hawksbill-sea-turtle1(js), CC BY 3.0

Where it is

Located in the popular down south part of Sri Lanka, Ahungalla is yet another attractive beachside vacation spot that is loved by locals and tourists both.


Ahungalla hotels are found far and wide, and staying at places close to the beach, like Heritance Ahungalla, would make the chilling by the beach much easier during a relaxing weekend outing.

Things to do

Swimming is not advised when in this part of the coast since the waves can be rougher than other beach destinations. Perfect for long walks by the beach and moonlit nights on the sand, this surely is a must visit.

Turtle hatchery

On the way to Ahungalla, you can drop in at the Kosgoda turtle hatchery and have a nice time learning about the conservation methods in Sri Lanka. The tiny turtles swimming about will be a good thing to look at if you are travelling with children. A trip to this hatchery will definitely be an educational venture for all of those involved.

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