Best Historic Sites in Bahrain – Remnants of a rewarding history!

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Bahrain holds a unique stand in the Persian Gulf with its most liberal cultural heritage and its golden past. Take a walk to these exquisite sites to know Bahrain’s glorious past.

Bahrain Fort| Img by: Jayson De Leon via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY 2.0

Diraz Temple

Occupying pride of place in the village of the same name a stopover at the ancient Diraz Temple is a must for those travelling on the Budaiya Highway. This unique religious edifice boasts large cylindrical pillars that vary from the typical temple features of the Mesopotamian era. The unearthed columns of the temple extend 60cm from the ground from its submerged base deep within the earth. The temple is within easy reach of many Bahrain serviced apartments the likes of Somerset Al Fateh Bahrain.

Saar Digs

The Saar Digs in Bahrain resemble the characteristics of this ancient civilization found in ancient Iraqi texts. As a quaint village Saar measures in at 100m by 150m with remnants found within its confines dating back to the Dilmun period.

Bahrain Fort

Also known as Qal’at Al Bahrain, the Bahrain Fort was first inhabited by citizens back in 3rd century BC. This place was occupied for several thousand years till Portuguese invaders built a fort in the 16th century. As the only UNESCO World Heritage Site on the island, this iconic structure is a must-visit highlight that also houses a museum within its confines.

Tree of Life

As an iconic representation of the resilient Bahraini spirit, the Tree of Life is a centuries-old tree found in the desert. Thriving without a discernible water source for over a century the tree is believed to be over 300 years in age according to local beliefs.



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