Enjoy a Visit to Ipswich to the Fullest – Adventures in Queensland

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Located around a 40 minute drive from Brisbane, Ipswich has a rich history and culture while also offering plenty of shopping, outdoor and family fun in Queensland.

River views of Brisbane CBD | Img by: Kgbo via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0

Historic Landmarks

Exploring Ipswich is a great way to see its historical buildings and landmarks which add to the locale’s charm. St. Mary’s Catholic Church, within a five minute walk from Oaks Aspire, is worth visiting as is the Cooneana Heritage Centre, the Old Courthouse, the Ipswich Fire Station and the Workshops Rail Museum.

Shopping Highlights

Those planning to get some retail therapy should look to stay at an Ipswich hotel within easy reach of Top of Town; located in a historical area in the CBD, it is home to a range of boutiques and stores selling everything from clothes to vintage items. Other shopping favourites include the Ipswich City Mall, the Handmade Expo Market and the Ipswich Showplace Markets.

Nature & Wildlife

Travellers who love nature can visit Queens Park, one of Queensland’s oldest parks. Apart from picturesque areas, it is also home to the popular Nature Centre where one can see kangaroos, emus, wombats and wallabies. For more outdoor exploration in Ipswich head to the Kholo Botanical Gardens.

Art Appreciation

Art lovers can visit the Ipswich Art Gallery which has a variety of exhibits and programmes as well as Australia’s first Children’s Gallery. For more art appreciation plan a visit to Lyne Marshall’s Studio Art Gallery as well.



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