Experience a Spectacular Sunset at Cable Beach – Coastal Bliss Down Under

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Looking for the ideal beach where you can experience one of the world’s most breathtaking sunsets? If you are, then Cable Beach in Western Australia is the place for you!

Broome Cable Beach| Img by: Korkut Tas via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

Planning a Trip

This 22 km stretch of shore is located in Western Australia’s town of Broome which is known as being the gateway to the Kimberley region. Cable Beach hotels can be found near the shore which is ideal if you want to catch the famed sunset spectacular.

The Sunset “Show”

Each evening, Cable Beach offers the ideal vantage point to witness a glorious sunset which has become quite a tourist attraction. If you’re staying at beachside properties like Oaks Cable Beach Sanctuary, you can easily find a spot on the beach to take in this sight which paints the skies in colours ranging from fiery crimson to heavenly purples.

On a “Ship of the Desert”

Another great way to experience this sunset is on a “ship of the desert”, AKA a camel! Sunset camel rides are one of the most popular activities at Cable Beach and provide a truly unique way to soak up the magical atmosphere as dusk begins to fall.

Stay Till The End!

Here’s a tip when enjoying sunsets at Cable Beach; remember to stay even after the sun has made its way past the horizon. While most people leave during this time, those who do stay can witness some amazing colours across the sky which makes for great Insta shots too!



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