Family vacation in Malaysia – A fun-filled family time!

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Offering a plethora of exciting things to do and amazing attractions to see Malaysia is an idyllic destination for a family vacation. Read on to know more about this vibrant nation and the things you could do here as a family.

Batu Caves
Batu Caves | Image Credit : Image Credit : Patrice78500 [Public domain]


Malaysia is a country located in the southeastern region of Asia. The nation is composed of a population that is culturally and ethnically diverse. Malaysia boasts a balance of modernity and traditional values. This is why it is a destination that is ideal for taking your kids.

Places to see and things to do

There are plenty of family-friendly attractions in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur has some of the best shopping malls in Malaysia, visiting Aquaria KLCC, Batu caves, taking a firefly cruise, temple tours, Penang city tour, Langkawi island visit are some of the exciting things to do in Malaysia.

Getting around and accommodation options

For small families getting around by taxes is the most convenient options you could also book cabs with more seating capacity to tour the cities. There is also an option of taking public transport which is an option that will also be easy on your budget too. There are also plenty of accommodation options here. Resort properties the likes of Dorsett Putrajaya which is a hotel in Putrajaya offers you kid-friendly accommodations and is an option worth considering for your stay if you are looking for any in Malaysia.

Things to remember

Since you are travelling with your kids it is absolutely necessary for you to stay vigilant. Keep them close to you at all times and never let them venture out of your site. Bring emergency medical supplies of your child has any medical conditions. Also since Malaysia is an Islamic country make sure that you and your children are dressed modestly.

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