First timers guide to China – For a memorable vacation experience…

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An expansive nation with the title “the world’s most populous country” – China is certainly a nation that should be visited at least once during your lifetime. Read on to know more if you are planning to visit this amazing nation.

Jiuzhai Valley National Park
Jiuzhai Valley National Park | Image Credit : chensiyuan, 1 jiuzhaigou valley national park wu hua hai, CC BY-SA 4.0


Although regarded as the most populous nation in the world, apart from busy cities, most of China is serene and spacious. The country has its fair share of jungles, deserts mountains and all geological regions of all sort. There is certainly a lot to do and see in China.

Places to see

Being a nation that is truly magnanimous in size you have to carefully pick the destinations you wish to travel. There is so much to see here. But out of the bunch, the great wall of China, the palace museum, Jiuzhai Valley National Park, Shanghai, Chengdu, Yu Garden are some of the places you should consider visiting for a memorable experience.

Places to stay

You could find plenty of accommodation options in China, not only at upbeat destinations even at serene and peaceful regions. You could find the best hotels in Chengdu the likes of Dorsett Grand Chengdu which will also offer you a memorable and relaxing vacation experience.

Other things to know

China boasts an amazing food culture. The cuisine here is diverse and you get to taste amazing dishes based on the regions you visit. Apart from the metropolitan cities, the vast majority of China’s land is empty. There are amazing landscapes and tranquilly attractions if you head further into China. Also, note that most of the social media sites in China are banned. Don’t believe what you heard in the media on political unrests and social problem, China is filled with optimistic people and it is certainly a great place to visit.

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