Guide to 2 weeks in China – Have a delightful holiday

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China is a massive landmass and it is certain that the country cannot be thoroughly explored within 2 weeks. Still, there are a few places that can bring out the essence of Chinese culture. So, here’s a brief guide for travellers staying in China for no more than 2 weeks.

Discover Beijing

Beijing - Image Credit - Scott Meltzer [Public domain]
Beijing – Image Credit – Scott Meltzer [Public domain]
Your first few days in China can be spent in the capital city of Beijing! Indeed, the city has much to offer from incredible culinary options to the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City! It’s a slice of history wedged into the modern society and quite close to accommodation options like Grand Park Kunming which is a Green Lake hotel in Kunming.

Uncover Xian

When in Xian, the typical thing to do would be to ride a bicycle around the city walls. Furthermore, embark on one of the most thrilling hikes of your life in Hua Shan and walk the sky plank. It truly feels like flying (i.e. if you aren’t afraid to).

Unearth Sichuan

Towards the north of Sichuan, is a truly magical paradise for the traveller! Find crystal clear lakes that reflect the bright blue of the sky and capture the sceneries like no other in the world for that Instagram feed!

Explore Shanghai

This big city is the quintessential urban façade of China. However, there are fun things to see and do here too. Don’t forget to try out a bowl of soup dumplings here.

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