Guide to historical locations in Xian – The ancient city of China

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From the army of the first emperor of China to ancient temples and religious sites that are still standing, Xian is a place of the past! This area has rather unique attractions unlike any other part of China which is strangely alluring to tourists.

Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum

Fearing for his safety from rival siblings in the afterlife the Emperor Qinshihuang built an army of hundreds to protect him once again! These warriors were made of terracotta and are still standing today. It is a must visit site when in the land of Xian.

Tang Paradise

Be transported back to the age of the Tang dynasty. The park is a massive 156 acres with a lake in the centre. The lake comes alive in the night with laser light and water shows!

Giant Wild Goose Pagoda

张元柏, 2010 西安 大雁塔 - panoramio, CC BY-SA 3.0
张元柏, 2010 西安 大雁塔 – panoramio, CC BY-SA 3.0 Via Wikimedia Commons

The story behind this famed landmark is rather unique. But it’s best to discover the story by yourself once you’ve visited! If you are accommodated in hotels such as Grand Park Xian, the attraction is a short drive away.

Historical neighbourhoods

Besides the impressive Xian China hotels and other buildings in the typical cityscape, Xian is also home to many ancient buildings. Roam the streets between the Bell Tower and the Great Mosque and come across some interesting stone carvings and architecture.

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