Guide to Living in Colombo – A City on the Rise


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Moving to Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka? Here is a comprehensive expat guide on what you can expect from this fast-growing urban sanctuary!

Image by Rehman Abubakr via Wikimedia Commons

Healthcare has always been a major priority in Colombo, and as a result, the city’s residents can utilise an extremely sophisticated health system. You can seek free health care from government regulated hospitals, staffed with highly qualified doctors and nurses or private institutions which offer more personalised and luxurious care while being considerably expensive.

Colombo enjoys a relatively low crime rate and security is ever-present throughout the city. Many checkpoints too have been set up along most main roads. Residential areas in the suburbs and apartments in Colombo including the likes of Cinnamon Life are well protected and secure as well.

Colombo presents much in terms of culture. From the National Museum which houses various ancient artefacts such as swords, paintings, and jewellery that offer visitors a glimpse of the country’s rich heritage to various places of religious worship.

The city has its fair share of fantastic fine dining restaurants, cute little cafes, classy clubs and bars patronised by a decent crowd. The capital also lays claim to recreational areas such as the Galle Face Green, Vihramahadevi Park, and numerous jogging tracks.



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