Know Everything about Melbourne – Explore the Gorgeous City!

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A tour in the beautiful city of Melbourne will be enchanting for sure! Read on about the top things that you can do here so you will be able to make your tour more productive.

Melbourne| Img by: justalf via Pixabay


There is a myriad of great accommodation options offered in Melbourne so you will surely be able to enjoy a great holiday experience. All the information that you need about the hotels and resorts here will be available online too. You should try to book centrally located serviced apartments in South Yarra to enjoy your travels around the city with ease. Places such as Oaks South Yarra are great options to consider here.


Be sure to witness the enchanting splendour of the iconic Yarra River as you travel in Melbourne. Places such as Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria and Queen Victoria Market are also top attractions here which will fill your heart with delight. You should also enjoy a ride on the legendary Puffing Billy Railway to enjoy breathtaking views of the thick, emerald forests.

Where to eat

Food lovers who visit the city will be spoiled for choice for sure as there is are plenty of great dining options made available here. The Flower Drum Restaurant, Restaurant Shik, Saxe and Sezar Restaurant are great options that you can consider.



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