Lake Wanaka -Serenity Amidst The Mountains

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Otago in New Zealand’s South Island has plenty of attractions for travellers to explore. One of these is the stunning Lake Wanaka.


Nestled Among the Hills…

New Zealand- Lake Wanaka
New Zealand- Lake Wanaka | Photo by Mariamichelle via Pixabay

The beautiful Lake Wanaka is New Zealand’s 4th largest lake, covering a total area of 74 sq miles. It’s estimated to be over 980 feet deep. The lake lies nestled amidst gorgeous mountain range. The Wanaka town and Lake Wanaka are about an hour’s drive away from Queenstown. Ski resorts the likes of the Oaks Club can be found plenty here as, during wintertime, Wanaka turns into a snow lover’s paradise!

Winter Time is Fun Time!

Lake Wanaka, New Zealand
Lake Wanaka, New Zealand | Photo by Esaias Tan on Unsplash

Skiers from all around the world visit Lake Wanaka during the wintertime for marvellous snowboarding and skiing. The skiing season in Wanaka spans from June to August.


But Summer’s Not So Bad Either

Lake Wanaka
Lake Wanaka | Photo by irapua via Pixabay

Summer in Lake Wanaka provides the perfect opportunity to engage in thrilling lake activities. Try out cruises, wakeboarding, windsurfing, water skiing and camping along the banks of the lake.


Head Over to the Nearby Mount Aspiring National Park

Mount Aspiring National Park
Mount Aspiring National Park, New Zealand | Photo by Cassie Matias on Unsplash

The magnificent Mount Aspiring National Park is but an hour’s drive away from Lake Wanaka, so a visit is a must. While you’re there, explore the wilderness of this spectacular World Heritage Site and discover the impressive Rob Roy glacier. Try out jet boarding or take a scenic glacier flight.


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