Santo Mikael Church, Seminyak – A heavenly experience

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Bali certainly is a destination full of religious places to visit. One of these attractions, the Protestant Church, Santo Mikael Church in Seminyak is as wondrous as any temple in Bali! Therefore, this becomes one of the must visit places when on the island! Here are a few things to know.

The Location

The Church is located in south Bali, in Jl.Camplung Tanduk. It is a short distance away from some of the best hotels in Seminyak the likes of Montigo Resorts Seminyak.

The façade

Surrounded by lush green trees with bright, bulb-like flowers decorating the trees, a tiled path leads to the arch of the magnificent entrance. The outside of the building is bathed in brilliant white and has a compact look on the outside.

The interiors

As are many of the places of worship in Bali, Santo Mikael Church too has baroque interiors. The inside of the church has a gothic feel to it. The alter is adorned with intricate wood carvings. The scene is truly heavenly when the rays of sunshine fall onto the pulpit through the stained glass above. The glass is said to have been made in England a century ago!


The church is quite famous for weddings because of its grand backdrop. The scene both outside and inside are simply perfect for some great photographs too. Many people celebrate special occasions here.




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