Taking in the Beauty of Beijing– A Sensational Holiday Experience

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Beijing is the stunning capital of China. The city is incredibly popular among both leisure and business travellers, owing to the wealth of attractions and appeals it possesses.

Beijing| Img by: Xiaochen0 via Pixabay

Best time to travel to Beijing

If you can schedule your tour to the city between the months of March and May, September and October, you will be able to enjoy a richly rewarding holiday experience here. The weather is great during these seasons and the sceneries are truly breathtaking too!

Choosing accommodation

Try to book a centrally located Beijing serviced apartment and you will be able to enjoy a well rounded holiday experience. Places like Ascott Raffles City Beijing are incredibly popular among both leisure and business travellers. You will be able to compare room rates, room types and facilities of the leading hotels in the city online with great ease.

Top things to see

There are remarkable attractions in Beijing so be prepared to travel extensively! Places like the Great Wall of China, The Palace Museum, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace should definitely be included in your travel itinerary in the city.

Travel tips

You will have to obtain a tourist visa from the Chinese Embassy located in your home country in order to travel to China. Be sure to always carry your passport when travelling in the city as you will have to frequently present it as proof of identity. It is wiser to carry cash with you when travelling here as credit cards are often not accepted in many establishments.



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