Tanah Lot Temple in Bali – Bali’s not-to-be-missed icon

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If there ever was a sight that was mesmeric beyond imagination, then certainly Bali’s Pura Tanah Lot Temple would be that. Read on to know some interesting facts about the temple.

Pura Tanah Lot Temple
Pura Tanah Lot Temple | Image Credit : chensiyuan, 1 pura tanah lot2, CC BY-SA 4.0


Bali is famous for its distinctive Hindu temples found by the water, on top of hills, by roadways and in family compounds. Of these, some are directional temples others are sea, village and special temples that are venerated by the entire Hindu population of Bali. You’ll not regret visiting the Tanah Temple which a good way to experience Bali’s mysticism and rural charm.


Pura Tanah Lot temple on an eroded small rocky island off the coast of Tabanan is a sea temple the myths surrounding which sets its origin in the 15th century. One of seven sea temples within sight of each other, it is part of a chain around the southwestern coast of Bali that was constructed as a defense against evil.


In order to reach the temple, you need to walk past some drylands and climb a hill. Amongst many a Bintan beach resort hotel the likes of The Residence Bintan by Cenizarowill be an excellent venue from where you can map out an escape to this fascinating place.


The temple’s main highlight is the angular shape of the rock on which it stands and its spiritual links. The freshwater well supplies holy water to other temples in the area. The guardian sea snakes are believed to be lurking in the crevices at the base of the rock visible at low tide.

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