The Amazing City of Negombo – West Coast Adventures

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Nestled along the shores of Sri Lanka’s west coast, the city of Negombo is the perfect beachside getaway. Expect lazy days on the beach, fun adventures, cultural discoveries and more!

Image Credit-Pixabay,kordi_vahle,CC0

The Glorious Beach

Golden sands, azure ocean waters and plenty of space to laze or play, the beach here offers lots of fun in the sun, sand and surf. Stay at a hotel Negombo has to offer alongside or near the beach and look forward to idyllic days at the shore. Since it’s on the west coast, expect some spectacular sunsets too!

The Negombo Lagoon

This lagoon provides the perfect setting for relaxation and exploration. Hotels beside the water the likes of Arie Lagoon let you engage in fun activities like kayaking, paddle boating and taking boat rides to soak up the scenic surroundings.

Religious Heritage

Negombo is known as “Little Rome” due to its Roman Catholic churches some of which date back to the time of Portuguese colonial rule. St. Mary’s Church is one such church you can visit. You can also head to the Angurukaramulla Temple, a sacred Buddhist site which features a six metre reclining Buddha statue.

Outdoor Adventures

For more outdoor adventures in Negombo look to take a boat ride along the historic Hamilton or Dutch Canal, go birdwatching at the Muthurajawela Wetlands or visit one of two lively fish markets. Negombo truly is amazing!

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