The Immortal Stone City of Angkor – A Mesmerizing Cultural Attraction

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The ancient city of Angkor in Cambodia boasts a myriad of attractions that are sure to capture the imagination of the culture lover. The ruins hint at the grandeur of the site in its heyday.

The Attractions of Angkor

You will see that the ancient site at Angkor contains a host of interesting sites that will draw the interest of the culture enthusiast and general sightseer alike. Here you will be entranced by the existing remnants, with the lofty spires of the ancient city still seeming to reach upwards.

Angkor Wat

The splendid Angkor Wat has the distinction of being the best-known of the temples of Cambodia. This massive structure which dates to the 12th century was dedicated to the Hindu deity Vishnu and is an architectural and artistic highlight.

Planning a visit

The pleasant town of Siem Reap which acts as the gateway to the ancient complex features plenty of dining and accommodation options that will appeal to visitors of different budgets and preferences. Amongst these is the Anantara Angkor Resort which is one of the luxury hotels in Siem Reap that offers excursions to ancient Angkor Wat.

How to get there

Siem Reap, the town that is located in proximity to the archaeological site may be accessed through satisfactory roads from Phnom Penh. You will also have the option of travelling by boat from the same city.

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