The Isaac Region’s “New Kid on the Block” – Discovering the Charms of Moranbah

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While Moranbah is one of Queensland’s youngest towns, it also offers truly captivating holiday adventures. Here’s a quick guide of this charming destination.

Getting There

A coal mining town, Moranbah can be found in Queensland’s Isaac Region. Those planning a road trip here will find it between Mackay and Clermont along the Peak Downs Highway. Accommodation is not a problem since Moranbah service apartments, hotels and motels can easily be found.

Things to See

The town offers some fascinating sights; the Grosvenor Complex which is around a 10 minute walk from Oaks Moranbah is where you will find the Coalface Art Gallery that’s worth visiting. Also of note are the Australia Remembers Mural that honours those who served in World War Two, a water sculpture in the town centre and Grosvenor Park home to public art projects; the Musical Railway and Musical Table and Chairs.

Things to Do

A stroll along the kilometre-long Federation Walk gives visitors a chance to see the well-known Big Red Rhino Bucket. The town has a public swimming pool, a skate park and tennis courts for those looking for recreation, while Grosvenor Park is ideal for a family BBQ.

A Mine tour

Visitors can also sign up for a free tour of the Peak Downs Open Cut Mine. This half-day tour is held once a month (on a Wednesday) and you need to call and reserve your place ahead. Look to contact the Moranbah office of the Isaac Regional Council for more details (

Peak Downs CHPP.jpg
FNQ (talk), Peak Downs CHPP, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

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