The Old Dutch Fort in Batticaloa – History set in stone!


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In the old town of Batticaloa is an old Dutch Fort that still arrests the viewer with its beauty and resilience. An ancient structure still standing proudly surrounded by water, the Dutch Fort has much to offer for anyone visiting. Keen on checking out the old Dutch Fort in Batticaloa?

1). The History Behind the Fort

Batticaloa is home to the smallest Dutch Fort, which lies on an islet which makes for a stunning setting. Originally built by the Portuguese in 1682, it was then taken over by the Dutch and the British.

Batticaloa Portuguese (dutch) fort.jpg
Anton CroosBatticaloa Portuguese (dutch) fortCC BY-SA 4.0

2). The Significance of The Fort

The Fort is made up of four bastions. It also contains an ancient Buddhist stupa that dates back centuries of years. Years of war have not had an impact on the old Dutch Fort. If you’re looking for hotels in Passikudah there are several options to pick from like the Amethyst Resort Pasikudah.

3). Remnants of The Past

From inside the Fort, the two bridges of Kallady can be seen. Take a walk along the ramparts and take in the beauty of the surrounding lagoon waters.

4). Marks Of Colonisation

Old cannons remain intact, still engraved with the mark of the Dutch East India Company. All around you in the Fort is a reminder of who once ran operations from within and what this place stood for.

Anton CroosCannon in Batticaloa Portuguse FortCC BY-SA 3.0

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