The weather and the best time to visit Sri Lanka – Getting the timings right!

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Understanding the weather in Sri Lanka is quite hard since the island received rain through two different monsoons. But due to the tropical location, there is good weather most times of the year somewhere on the island.

Monsoons in Sri Lanka

As mentioned earlier the country has two monsoonal climates the south-west and northeast monsoons. While the first brings in the rain to the south-west coast and the hill country the second hits the east and some parts of the north.

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McKay Savage from London, UK, Sri Lanka – 043 – Weathering the monsoon (1632251492)CC BY 2.0

Periods of Monsoons

The northeast monsoon season is from April to June and the southwest is from November to March.

Best times of visit

The best times to visit hill country, the southern and western regions is during December to March – if you happen to visit the west part of the country opt for resort properties in the coastal regions the likes of AVANI Bentota Resort & Spa which is a Bentota resort. April to September is ideal for visiting the east.

Image Credit: AVANI Bentota Resort & Spa

Things to remember

Sometimes these monsoons may be very severe so take necessary precautions and it is also best to avoid visiting certain regions during the monsoon seasons. If you happen to be caught up during these seasons choose your accommodation wisely some of them could provide you with amazing experiences even during rainy seasons.

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