What do you know about Melbourne? – The dynamic city of excitement

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Melbourne is often dubbed the most European of all Australian cities, whilst some say that it gives off a little New York vibe. However, Melbourne offers a unique experience to all the travellers and tourists that visit. Here are a few places you can visit while you’re in the city!

Royal Botanic Gardens

If you’re the one to appreciate nature, especially plants and trees of all kinds, then this is the place to visit while you’re in Melbourne. This 94-acre garden draws two million visitors annually. The landscaping is known to be the finest examples of Victorian landscaping in the world. Only 2.5 kilometres from Oaks on Market, the lush greenery of the gardens is something you just shouldn’t miss.

File:Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne - panoramio (4).jpg
Neil Parley, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne – panoramio (4)CC BY 3.0

Queen Victoria market

The largest open-air market, 6 minutes from hotels near Etihad Stadium, you can shop for fresh produce. The market buzzes every Saturday morning! The markets have been there for more than 130 years.

File:Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne, 2017-10-29 01.jpg
Crisco 1492Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne, 2017-10-29 01CC BY-SA 4.0

Melbourne Zoo

Established in 1862, the Melbourne Zoo is the oldest in Australia, while also being the third oldest in the world. It’s the world’s first carbon neutral zoo, set in beautiful gardens and enclosures that aim to be as close to the animal’s natural habitats as possible. A large collection of native animals are present for you to witness.

Gary HoustonPelican-Melbourne-Zoo-20070224-049CC0 1.0

Melbourne Museum

The museum presents indigenous Australian history told through several objects and state of the art technology. There’s also an IMAX cinema for you to enjoy! If you’re a history enthusiast, this is for you.

File:IMAX Melbourne Museum.jpg
JohntorcasioIMAX Melbourne MuseumCC BY-SA 4.0

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