Why you must visit China: land with 5,000 Years of Culture – More than just a holiday destination!

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China, being a country that rose up from the Yangtze civilization is now a combination of modern buildings and colourful culture. Therefore, there is much to see and do here.

What is it like?

Be it China or any other holiday destination in the world, you can never know what it truly is like until you have visited and seen and experienced for yourself! Therefore, don’t take anyone else’s word for it. Fly over and experience China first hand!

Image Credit: Dorsett Grand Chengdu

A kid-friendly vacation destination

Travelling with kids can prove to be a tedious task. However, there are countries like China that are super kid-friendly when it comes to this. There are plenty of sites they will leave your child in awe. Moreover, if you are lodged in a hotel like Dorsett Grand Chengdu, noisy kids aren’t an issue.

Chinese food

So, you think you’ve tasted true Chinese food? Rest assured that you may think otherwise once you’ve actually visited China and tried the authentic food. There are innumerable varieties to try out! Explore some delicious treats from many a Chengdu Chinese restaurant.

Image Credit: Dorsett Grand Chengdu

A rich cultural experience

China has a culture and history that’s over 5000 years old! Even though modern times may have destroyed this strong culture, there are still some aspects like the Tea Horse Trail or the Silk Road to explore once you get there.

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