Why You Must Visit Queenstown – More Than One Reason

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By Lawrence Murray from Perth, Australia (Queenstown from Bob’s Peak) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
New Zealand is a land where one might face an abundance of activities, sights, and sounds that will create memories lasting for a lifetime. From the North Island to the South and the other islands surrounding, it is a country where travellers are spoilt for choice when it comes to exploring and discovering. Of its many destinations, there is one so popular that it’s been named as ‘one of New Zealand’s top visitor destinations’. So if you’re planning a trip to the country make sure that Queenstown is on your itinerary. Why? Well, let’s find out!

1. It’s the Home of the Great Fergburger

ferberger , queenstown
Fergburger of Queenstown, NZ by Nogwater via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Also known as “Queenstown’s Worst Kept Secret”, Fergburger is considered to serve some of the finest, juiciest, delicious burgers in the whole world! If you have any doubts, the long queues in front of the restaurant will quell them away. There are times when these queues have been present even during midnight and the wee hours as its open from 8.30 am to 5.30 am! That’s how good these burgers are. It’s also very conveniently located in the heart of the town, surrounded by Queenstown apartment accommodation options such as the Oaks Shores; so tourists make up a lot of the crowd. Some of the most popular of Fergburger’s burgers include the Big Al, Chief Wiggam, Mr. Big Stuff, The Codfather and the Cockadoodle Doo, to name a few!

2. It’s the Adventure Capital of the World!

water rafting
Water Rafting via Pixabay | CC0 Public Domain

With its many glaciers, rivers, and lakes that are just perfect for play; it’s no wonder that Queenstown has been named the ‘Adventure Capital of the World’. Lonely Planet has named it as “The Place for Adventure Junkies”, so if you’re looking for a bit of adventure this is where you should go. From bungy jumping to skydiving, heliskiing, canyon swinging and paragliding; there are so many sports to quench the thirst of your adventurous soul. And if you’re not a complete adventure junkie, you can try out The Luge, which is such a fun filled activity of zooming down a mountain in a non-motorised cart. It’s so safe that even kids do it.

3. It’s Where You Can Explore Middle Earth!

Are you a fan of Lord of the Rings? Then set out on a thrilling adventure of discovering some of Middle Earth’s finest sights like the beautiful Lothlorien Forest which is the fairest realm of the Elves; to the great Isengard, Amon Hen, and the majestic Misty Mountains; all set in the Mt Aspiring World Heritage Park.

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